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Studies conducted by universities all over the world have shown that good hygiene practices contribute to the level of air quality in our homes. Here are some interesting facts about the air we breathe!

The average adult breathes about 11,000 liters of air a day!Air quality in cities have higher chances of carrying more pollutants than compared to rural areas. Polluted air can cause a variety of problems for us. For e.g. Eye irritation, asthma attacks, and reduced lung function. Asthma triggers that includes mold, dust mites, secondhand smoke, and pet dander are commonly found in indoor air. Some indoor sources of pollutants include the stove, mattresses, upholstery sets, tobacco products, wet/damp carpets, air conditioning units, pesticides, and of course outdoor air.High temperature and humidity levels can also contribute to the level of pollutants in the air.

The importance of clean air

We all know that staying in-door for a long period of time could make us feel uncomfortable partly due to the lack of ventilation  especially in cases indoorairqualitywhere you cannot leave your windows open for security or air-conditioning reasons. Without proper ventilation, the standard of the atmosphere for indoor environments can be lowered. And there are quite a number of sources of pollutants such as the sofa, mattresses and carpets, all contribute to lowering the quality of air in your home.


Living in a polluted atmosphere can cause several health problems such as asthma and eye irritation to name a few. Thus, it is essential to keep the air in our enclosed living environment clean. Always make it a point to keep the hygiene level of your home high by doing your household chores more often instead of letting the dirt and dust to be collected month after month. Besides making effort to keep all the furniture hygienic by cleaning up frequently, there are many ways which you can improve the standards of the breaths you take.Sprayed air freshener in hand on white shelves background

Tips to Improve Air Quality

  • Ventilate the house daily
  • Say no to chemical air freshness sprays – use natural oils instead.
  • Abundance of plants – certain plants have been shown to remove harmful pollutants in the air.
  • Clean the air- conditioning units regularly
  • Avoid using tobacco products at home
  • Vacuum vacuum vacuum!! – The less amount of dust indoors means the lower amounts of dust in the air. Likewise, making sure the vacuum cleaner has a proper filter goes a long way in preventing dust from flying all over after using the vacuum.ac47f8a55829bd00bdb4af3e6c4190c5
  • Pets! – Making sure they are groomed properly helps with the shedding of furs, which contribute to the pollutants in the air.

All of these are gathered throughout our years of work so you should definitely follow these tips in order to have much healthier air in your house. One of the biggest problems is use of chemical sprays. Without a doubt, they are an instant solution when it comes to “fresh air” but they can cause severe respiration problems and therefore it is always advised not to use them. So keep in mind that that your first step should be removing chemical sprays from your house and everyday use

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Many garages never have the pleasure of storing a vehicle.  Most are treated as a catch all place for things that no longer fit in the interior of your home or are no longer being used by your and your family.  If your garage is no longer being used for the purpose of storing vehicles and as a place where you can complete projects like changing the oil in your car, or building a bookshelf, then it may be time for you to clear out the clutter and create an area where you can store what you do need.  Garage cabinets and storage systems come in all kinds of materials, sizes, shapes, and utilities.

Specific purpose

Some garage cabinets have a specific purpose while others are versatile with adjustable shelving designed to fit just about anything you can find in a garage.Garage storage cabinets that are intended for multiple purposes are easy to find because there are so many variations to choose from.  metal-garage-storage-cabinets-transform-for-home-decoration-for-interior-design-styles-with-metal-garage-storage-cabinets-home-decorating-ideasMost are made of metal or wood because they need to be sturdy enough to withstand many years of use and the weight of heavy tools and equipment.

A metal garage cabinet can be used to store things like cleaning supplies, paint buckets, garden tools, and even seasonal items.
A wooden garage storage cabinet can be used to store crafting supplies, woodworking tools, or specialized tools like saws, drills, and sanders. cabinetry-neos-elite The great thing about organizing a garage is that you will probably find things you didn’t even know you had stored in heavy duty plastic storage boxes.

It is highly likely that you will also find two or three of the same thing because you thought you didn’t have it so you when out and got a new one.  Reduce clutter by keeping the newer item and get rid of the old.

Purchase or DIY cabinets

Purchasing a storage system for your garage is well worth the investment but if you are unable to purchase factory built cabinets because of budget reasons, you can always opt to build your own with the help of the internet.  If you have the lumber left over from another project and are experienced with woodworking, then you are a pic_customized_garage_cabinets_storage_systems_05definite candidate for building your own cabinets with the various available garage cabinet plans on the internet.  Some plans are so specific that they tell you exactly what to go buy in order to complete the project so if you already have some of the supplies you should save quite a bit of money on the project.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to garage storage.  The internet is full of helpful tools to get you on a path to better organization of all areas of your home. From HVAC basics and fundamental knowledge, to improving your garage – just pick the tool that suits you best and that can provide you with useful information and start improving your garage today.

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No matter the form of unit or system, heat and cool air is vital to the welfare of everybody. Consider where you work and shop. How industrious are you if the
AC at work goes out and it’s 110 degrees? How likely are you to try on armfuls of outfits if the retail shop is 15 degrees?  Retailers understand that stable and appropriate heating and air conditioning will inspire shoppers to stay and buy, or force them out due to discomfort. It’s no different in our own households.
When your heating, ventilation, and air condition isn’t running at best conditions, you’ll be too hot or too cold.

HVAC professionals

The type of heating differs depending on the design, your home’s square footage, and your budget. Forced air systems use a series of ducts to transport air. Central air is created from a furnace, heat pump, and other components. Old homes may have radiators, and sometimes, these can be retrofit to new standards in HVAC. No matter what, an HVAC expert can install, service, and repair. Heating is the “H” component of HVAC systems.

smart-vent-home-ventilationThere are many approaches and systems to heating and cooling your home and business;  HVAC service professionals know how to install, service, or repair whatever unit or system you have. Ventilation, the “V” in HVAC, is a critical element in circulating your heat and cool air.

Call a professional and save money

An HVAC expert can fix any element whether heat, AC, or ventilation. Air-conditioning is the “ac” in HVAC. This system component includes all the cooling gear. There are many different sorts and alternatives; it just depends on  your set up and budget.

heating-and-coolingYou can save a ton of money getting your heating and air conditioning fixed. Calling a local pro to come out and check your system, will pay for itself. These pros will come out and examine everything including trouble-shooting, examining refrigeration and pressure, checking voltage, lubricating blowers and fan motors, inspecting ducts, checking for any gas leaks, inspecting and repairing all filters and ducts, and more.

Choose the best contractor

Whether you need a HVAC tune-up, repair of your current system, or you are interested in purchasing a new heating and cooling unit, call in your local professional. Do a search online for “HVAC repair (or new, or maintenance)” and add your zip code. Then all you need to do is call and compare; choose the contractor you want to do the job. Try to choose expert that has proved his service, offering a several-years long experience in this job since you want nothing but the best service of your cooling/heating system.

air-conditionerThe best way to choose professional service is by recommendation. Ask some of your friends or family if they hired a local service and ask for their opinion. This is by far the most reliable method for choosing the proper service. However, you can always opt for relatively unknown professionals who will try to prove the quality.

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